Land Registries


With this service, the Property Registrars make it easy for you to obtain registry information on registered properties and titles.

This information, which is always up to date, consists in a succinct extract of the information contained in current entries concerning the registered property you have asked about. This includes the identification of the property, the identity of the owner or owners of registered rights, the breadth, nature and limitations of registered rights and any prohibitions or restrictions affecting the owners or the registered rights.

The scope of the information will be no larger than necessary to satisfy the legitimate interest of the person requesting the information.

The information is of informative value only, not proof of what is entered in the Registry.


The following rules establish the conditions under which users can communicate with the Registries' web server to place requests for registry information.

Each user will be responsible for seeing to it that his/her hardware and software meet the technical requirements for accessing the information and for keeping his/her code and password, if any, secret.

It is absolutely prohibited for a user to retransmit registry information or pass it on to any other person, even free of charge, and all use of the data obtained here for the purpose of creating a commercial database is likewise prohibited.

The user is the only person responsible for the questions he/she submits and the use he/she makes of the results.

Information may be requested 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Service may be rightfully interrupted for system maintenance needs or any other reason leading forcibly to service interruption. The information server is not liable for service failure stemming from fortuitous causes.

Slowness in data transfer, full or partial unavailability of the Internet network and errors and failures traceable to the network will in no case give cause for liability on the part of the information server.

The information is provided by the Property Registrar that issues it. In no case is the information server responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the information.

For subscribed users, the service shall have an initial term of six months, starting with the first request for information, and it shall be tacitly understood to be extended for periods of the same length, until and unless the user gives one month's written notice of his/her wish to conclude the service.

All relations stemming from the rendering of the information service are expressly subject to Spanish law.

It is absolutely prohibited to incorporate data from this document in computerised databases or files that can be consulted on an individual basis by natural or legal persons, even if the source of the information is credited (Instruction of 17 February 1998, Directorate-General of Registries and Notarial Affairs).

The application of personal-data-protection rules and the need to supervise the integrity of computer files (and therefore to forestall the mass copying or remote dumping of files) may make it necessary, in certain cases, to limit mass requests for information made by a single user. In addition, because the Service has been designed for widespread use by a number of users, the system must avoid automatic information-gathering procedures, which may slow down consultations made by ordinary users. For these reasons, the maximum number of consultations a single user or a single Registrar can make may be limited at any time.


The issuing Registrar will bill the user directly for the requested information.

The cost of this service is:
  - Ordinary uncertified (simple) note: 9.02 euros per property.
  - Location note: 9.02 euros per owner

These costs do not include any applicable taxes.

You are informed for your convenience that a Consultation was submitted to the Directorate-General of Taxes and answered on 30 April 1999 (Consultation No. 0680-99), reporting, "Invoices...may be sent out over the Internet to their addressee, who shall proceed to produce a physical copy of the original invoice by his own means".

Therefore, service users who want a copy of the invoice to keep and/or to use in tax deductions must print out their own copy (available at the account status link).


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