Land Registries

Index 01. What information can I request through this service?

You can request information about ownership and liens on real property registered in any Spanish Property Registry.

Index 02. How can I subscribe to the service?

You can subscribe to the service by filling out the form reached by clicking here. You will have to give us the 20 digits of the checking account where you want the costs of using the service charged. Print out the subscription form and fax it to the number given on the page, together with a copy of your GOVERNMENT-ISSUE ID CARD o PASSPORT, if you are acting on your own personal behalf. If you are acting as the representative of a company, you must fax in a copy of the company's tax ID card, a document showing your legal connection to the company you represent, and your own government-issue ID card, tax ID card or passport, together with the sign-up form.

Index 03. Can I submit consultations without subscribing?

Yes, and pay by credit card.

Index 04. Is there any charge for subscribing?

No. Subscription is completely free. Once you have signed up, there are no monthly fees or fixed costs of any sort, either. Only the cost of the consultations you actually make each month, if any, will be charged to your account.

Index 05. When will I get the information?

You'll receive your answer as soon as possible at your e-mail address. In the immense majority of cases, we try to make answers available the first working day after the request is lodged. Sundays and holidays, plus Saturdays in August, are non-working days. Local holidays that are only observed in the city or town where the registry issuing the information is located are also considered holidays. If it takes longer than one working day, the delay may be due to some technical problem, difficulty in identifying the property or a temporary overload in demand. Please don't withdraw your request; you'll be charged again when you re-submit it. In these cases, you can call our Customer Attention Centre at 91 270 17 96 or write us at

Index 06. Where will I receive the information?

You will receive the information at the e-mail address you gave when you submitted your request. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that the e-mail address you give is correct; the tiniest mistake when you enter it will keep you from receiving the information you want.

Index 07. What is the information I receive good for?

Registry information, as its own name indicates, is merely for your information. It isn't a public document, and it doesn't certify what is contained in registry entries. It is an extract drawn from the terms set down in the registration entries in force concerning a property. For more information, you may ask for a certificate, which you can use in court and other proceedings as proof of the contents of registry entries. Nevertheless, the value of on-line registry information rests not only in its legal acknowledgement, but also in the fact of its having been obtained directly from a Property Registrar, without any third-party to act as a middleman or manipulate the information.

Index 08. How much does information cost?

The cost of this service is:
 - Ordinary uncertified (simple) note: 9.02 euros; per property.
 - Location Note: 9.02 euros; per holder.
These costs do not include any applicable taxes.

Index 09. Can I find out about any person's assets?

You can ask about the belongings of any natural or legal person, as long as you give the reason or cause of your consultation. Your request will be examined by the Registrar, who, in view of the circumstances, may refuse to give you the information, pursuant to current law. At all events, it is against the law to put the information you receive in an autonomous database for subsequent commercialisation.

Index 10. How many properties can I ask for information about?

Supposedly there is no limit, although charges cannot exceed 600 euros per month (If you anticipate that you will go over this figure, you must contact the Customer Attention Centre at 91 270 17 96 or write to
There are also limits depending on the reason you give for the consultation, which the Registrar will take into account when examining your interest.

Index 11. Will personal information about me be kept secret?

Yes. This service goes through a secure server (SSL) that guarantees the confidentiality of users' personal and banking particulars. However, just as you can ask what real estate other people own, they have the lawful right to know who has asked for information about their property and rights, and when, and why.

Index 12. Am I allowed to do business with the registry information I get?

The use you make of the information you get is your exclusive responsibility, although you must bear in mind personal-data-protection legislation and the prohibition against including the information you get in a database for commercialisation.

Index 13. How can I get a formal invoice of the cost of the service?

You can get a formal invoice valid for tax purposes right off the web page. You can print it out using your own printer, as the Directorate-General of Taxes has confirmed in its answer to a consultation on that point.

Index 14. Will the service be in use twenty-four hours a day?

The web-page service is a high-availability service, which means it is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. Registry offices, however, follow a different schedule; they are only open on week days, and their business hours vary, depending on each local registry. Nevertheless, that is no obstacle to your receiving the information as quickly as possible, or to your putting in requests outside of business hours.

Index 15. Is there somebody I can get in touch with if the service is down?

In these cases, you can call the Customer Attention Centre at 91 270 17 96, and you can also send queries, questions and suggestions to us at

Index 16. Can I communicate directly with the registry for the place where the property is located?

You can communicate directly with each property registry, in person or by phone, fax, post or e-mail. Use the following link to find the registry you want :Registrars and Registries

Index 17. Where can I go to register my complaints and suggestions?

You can go to the Customer Attention Centre mentioned above, the Property Registry in question, the Association of Registrars or the Directorate-General of Registries and Notarial Affairs.

Index 18. What should I do to keep mistakes from being made?

Erroneous registry information can often be traced back to inaccuracies set down in the request. Please make sure the information in your request correctly identifies the property or owner you expect to receive information on. A mistake in the property number or the name of the owner can mean you will get information on properties or people you are not interested in, and you will be charged for the information anyway.

Index 19. Can I change the address my information is sent to?

Yes, you can change your address every time you make a consultation. Just make sure, when you enter a new e-mail address, that you have written it correctly. A mistake in the e-mail address registry information should be sent to will make it impossible for the information to reach its proper destination.

Index 20. Can you send me the information I want at more than one address?

The information is sent to the e-mail address you specify in each consultation. From there, you can send it on to any other address yourself, on your responsibility.

Index 21. How can I get more details than the registry information I can get through this channel?

Go to the Property Registry that sent you the information. There you will find the complete registration history of the property, and they can furnish you with other specific data you need to know, within legal limits, and by the best means.

Index 22. Who issues the information?

The information is issued by each Registrar, and it is sent from the registry whose bounds contain the property in question.

Index 23. Is it absolutely necessary for me to have an e-mail address in order to get the information I have asked for?

Yes, it is absolutely vital if you use this service to get the registry information you want.

Index 24. Is it absolutely vital for me to subscribe in order to use this service?

No, it isn't absolutely vital, but it is a good idea if you are going to use the service often. For isolated consultations, you don't have to subscribe. You can pay with your credit card.

Index 25. Can I suggest improvements or expansions for this service?

Of course. Just send your comments to

Index 26. Is it safe for me to give my credit-card number?

Yes. The way this service operates, through a secure server (SSL), meets the maximum security standards in existence today.

Index 27. Can I check the status of my account as a subscribed user?

Yes. To do so, after you have entered your name and password, just click on the "Account status" link at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Index 28. What does this service do? Is it for professionals only?

The service is for all consumers, so that any time (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) and any place (all you need is Internet access), you can ask for information about ownership of and liens on any real estate located in Spain.

Index 29. What happens if I don't get an answer to my request for information, or the answer comes in late?

No charge will be made for valid requests for information sent to the competent registry that have not been answered within a maximum of 24 working hours. When a request cannot be handled because the person making the request has provided insufficient data, the person will be sent an e-mail message within the following 24 hours, reporting that it is impossible to handle the request for that reason and asking the person to re-submit the request with more data. The 24-hour period after which information charges are cancelled starts when the new, correctly formulated request is received.

Index 30. Can I ask for information about personal property?

Yes. You can request information on vehicles by clicking on the Personal Property Registry link at

Index 31. If the owner of a right turns out to be a company or legal person, can I get additional information about it?

Yes. This service is interconnected with the company-information service, so all you have to do is follow the instructions on screen to get on-line information about the company that owns the right.


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